Welcome to what I like to call
"real" fashion and style.

the intro.
it all starts with a young, aspiring fashion designer named Cameron...
As a child he made it a point that people call him "Cameron".
Then came high school && sure enough he decided to venture out and go by a
more unique choose of a nickname: cxmm.!!!

the name.
cxmm. starts from a nickname gone wrong. Him always wanting to be unique and set apart from the rest, an "x" was added to represent Cameron's mark on the worlds of design, style, and fashion. It's an "x marks the spot" approach to representing what he does on a daily bases. He signature is complete with a period after every statement name or phrase. He believes that work is never done but more of a sense of completion. The period represents completion.

the style.
Designer Camm has a very eccentric point of design. It would be difficult to just limit his overall style to one stero-typical category of fashion sense. In his recent sketches, a more chic-furturistic meets skinny acid avant garde thrasher type. Yes, very complex. But everything still seems to be well put together and astronomically innovative.

the inspiration.
For Camm there seems to be inspiration all around. It ranges from Young Hollywood to a model like figure walking down the street. His close friends also drive him to keep doing what he does and of course make special items for them in return. Special names he would like to note are: Jesika, Sky, & Aprille.

the last words.
"Style isn't to be toyed with. It's to be accepted and taken through out the eyes of the open minded and the innovative. "